• "Confidence is contagious.  So is lack of confidence."

    Vince Lombardi

Welcome to Focused Communications

Focused Communications Canada provides strategic and targeted communications strategies for changing minds.  We focus on PROCESS: how information travels, how it is remembered, what people do with it, and how teams function. Why?  Because your message is only effective, if you get results.

Where do targeted communication strategies fit in your organization?

  • Facilitator's & Presenter's;  learn the tricks to increase engagement, buy in, persuasion and call to action
  • X Factor Sales Training; learn how to connect with your audience the way great performers do
  • Advisory Boards; identifying all aspects of customer/physician perceptions, attitudes and behavior using L and D brain thinking
  • Professional Meeting Facilitation; managing challenging behavior, digging deeper, using critical thinking questions, creating an enviroment that encourages honest feedback and high level of participant engagement
  • National Sales Meetings;  Maximizing the quality of knowledge transfer, employee engagement, team unity & adventure sessions . 
  • Team collabation and unity; High energy workshops where teams create, develop and design using art, improv and music "By blending the aesthetic and emotional richness of the arts with the strategic and operational perspectives of business, you'll begin to see texture where everybody else is seeing shapes." The Art of Business


We function with clarity and purpose, which comes with a high level of expertise.  Giving you results and solutions that  improve productivity and performance is our goal. All FOCUSED Communications sessions as customized and contextualized to your organizational need.